Fill the GAP in your life with a greyhound

Greyhound adoption programs (GAP) have been set up across Australia. They are not-for-profit organisations that have been established to find homes for retired race greyhounds or greyhounds that are no longer wanted.


Hugo the horse dog

GAP Victoria gives you the option either to adopt a greyhound to give it a home for life, or to foster a greyhound for three weeks. Although many greyhounds can be adopted straight from the kennel, others benefit from a period of time in foster care prior to being adopted so they can adjust to life in a domestic environment. Fostering can also operate as a trial period for people who may be interested in – but are not certain about – adopting a greyhound. Fostering is an ideal way for prospective adoptees to get to know the breed before making a final decision to adopt. Greyhounds are becoming a popular choice for Australians as they come to understand just how placid and friendly this breed of dogs is.

Hugo the horse dog

Hugo the horse dog

They don’t require much exercise – only a daily 15 minute walk– and they generally sleep for around 20 hours a day. Greyhounds rarely bark and require little grooming. And contrary to what many people think, greyhounds don’t need to wear a muzzle in public if they have been adopted through the GAP program and are wearing a special green GAP collar. Greyhounds are easygoing, docile and perfect for apartments. You couldn’t ask for a better pet. for more information on the Victorian GAP, visit


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