Assignment 4 – Social Media Marketing Campaign


Key Messages

#ForMeNotYou is a campaign designed to help stop the negativity that comes with wearing makeup.

From a young age, women are taught that they should wear makeup because this is what society expects of them. Everywhere we look there are magazines promoting makeup; celebrities who wear makeup so that they appear flawless; and advertisements pushing the idea that women need to cover up their imperfections. Makeup brands such as Maybelline and Cover Girl use slogans such as ‘Maybe she’s born with it’; and ‘Easy, breezy, beautiful’. Such slogans are used to entrench the idea that women can only achieve beauty if they wear makeup.

Yet when women acquiesce to these expectations and pressures, they are often confronted with conflicting messages – they are criticised for wearing ‘too much makeup’ or sometimes for wearing makeup at all! This is known as ‘makeup shaming’. Girls are ridiculed for wearing foundation that makes their faces look orange, or for colouring in their eyebrows. Websites such as Rotten Panda take delight in making fun of women for doing their makeup badly or what the website calls a ‘makeup fail’; while women are often told by their peers that ‘they don’t need to wear makeup to look beautiful’.

The #ForMeNotYou campaign is designed to stop shaming women for wearing makeup. Wearing makeup should be for enjoyment, not because women think they are ugly or because they believe others will like them more if they wear it. The key message is that women don’t need to wear makeup to feel or look beautiful, but because they enjoy wearing it or because it gives them confidence.

The following are images the Internet. The captions on the images are the original captions. The images and captions highlight why the #ForMeNotYou campaign is important.

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The Campaign

#ForMeNotYou will be a social media-based campaign. Women (or men if they wear makeup) can take the ‘For Me Not You’ challenge by posting a photo or ‘selfie’ of themselves on Instagram with makeup on one side of their face. They will add a caption to their photo explaining why they wear makeup and tag the photo with #ForMeNotYou and @pricelineau (if Priceline accepts the partnership). They can also tag a friend who they think should take the challenge and both women would go into the draw to win a Priceline beauty pack. All photos will be posted on the ForMeNotYou website. Alternatively women can post on Twitter or Facebook why they wear makeup with the tag #ForMeNotYou if they don’t wish to post a photo of themselves. However they would not be eligible to enter the prize.


The company Priceline Australia will be approached to ask if they would be prepared to sponsor the campaign. Having Priceline’s sponsorship would help the campaign reach a larger target audience through promotion in store and online. The sponsorship would also involve Priceline supplying prizes to women who post their photos on Instagram and who have their names randomly selected to win a Priceline beauty pack.

If Priceline chooses to partner with the campaign, the company’s celebrity beauty ambassadors could participate in the campaign by posting photos of themselves on Instagram doing the challenge or Tweeting about it.

Target audience

The target audience for the campaign will be Australian women aged 15 to 30 who wear makeup and who use social media. The campaign will be designed to empower women and help them realise that they don’t need to wear makeup to be beautiful but because they enjoy it.

To reach the target audience, the campaign will be promoted on social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It would also be promoted on Priceline’s website and in Priceline stores across Australia if Priceline chooses to partner with the campaign.


The campaign will run for a month from 1 to 30 June, with promotion continuing throughout June. Prize draw winners will be announced on the 1st of July on Instagram and the website. However, even though promotional activities will conclude on June 30, the campaign itself would have a life beyond the end of June as women would be able to continue to post photographs or Tweets under the tag #ForMeNotYou.

Social Media Channels

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign will mainly be based on Instagram.


‘No makeup November’ 

‘No Makeup November’ was a campaign run in November 2013 as a female’s version of ‘Movember’. The campaign was created to help women realise their ‘true beauty’ by not wearing makeup for the whole of November, showing them that they don’t need to wear makeup to be beautiful.

How is #ForMeNotYou different?

ForMeNotYou is different to ‘No Makeup November’ because it isn’t a campaign telling women not to wear makeup, nor is it a campaign telling them TO wear makeup. ForMeNotYou is all about wearing makeup because you enjoy it, or that if you don’t enjoy wearing makeup, you don’t have to.

Roles and tasks

A team would be established to develop and deliver the campaign, with team members assigned roles and tasks including:

  • approaching Priceline to seek their partnership for the campaign
  • creating promotional material including: posters for the campaign; a video to be posted on YouTube and material for use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • designing and developing a website –

This is an example of a video for promoting the campaign and showing why the campaign is important.

Here are some links for further reading on ‘makeup shaming’ – 

About Face: Makeup shaming.

Stop the makeup shaming.


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