Cruelty in the name of beauty!

In laboratories across the world, small, innocent creatures are being subjected to torture. Chemicals are squirted into rabbits’ eyes, while mice are force-fed poisonous substances – all in the supposed interest of ‘safety’.

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But there’s certainly nothing ‘safe’ about these tests – at least not for the frightened animals on whom the tests are conducted.

The truth is that animal testing is not necessary. New methods have been developed for testing cosmetic safety that do not involve animals. These methods are acceptable to government regulators. They include 3-dimensional human skin models that replace the need to use rabbits for skin irritation testing; and cell culture tests for genetic mutations and other harmful side-effects. These non-animal methods are scientifically superior, usually take less time to complete and can be done at a fraction of the cost of animal experiments. There are also around 20,000 cosmetic ingredients that have been evaluated and proven to be safe for human use without the need for further testing. Despite this, cosmetic companies continue to test their products on animals.

          Here are some alternatives to animal testing.

If we STOP buying products tested on animals, animal testing will STOP!


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Late Night Cruelty with Jimmy Fallon

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is my favourite TV talk show. I always jump on Youtube to watch recent episodes and have a good laugh. However, recently I came across an episode (video below) featuring a segment that made me terribly uneasy –Jeff Musial the ‘animal expert’.

Jeff Musial is a regular guest on Jimmy’s show and brings live animals into the studio to ‘scare’ Jimmy. Sadly, Mr Musial is more interested in a cheap laugh from the audience than taking care of the animals he treats as props. He handles the distressed animals roughly while the audience laughs and cheers.

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Animals that have been forced to participate in this sickening segment include fennec foxes, bear cubs, water buffalo and cougars. But by far the worst thing Mr Musial has done was to bring an Asian elephant named Roxy into the studio. A television studio is no place for a full-grown elephant!

Animals were not put on Earth to be humiliated and frightened in the name of entertainment. If we stop watching TV shows when an animal is being exploited – then maybe the Jimmy Fallons of this world will put an end to the cruelty.

Animals in entertainment? EW!


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